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Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry

Welcome to the Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry! We are a physical and intellectual home for the arts, humanities, and social sciences at the University of Arizona. Our programs support faculty and students' artistic and scholarly endeavors, addressing some of society's grand challenges. We value forward-thinking, creativity, and research through proliferating networks of collaboration and creative synergies. learn more

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Show & Tell is an interdisciplinary multimedia presentation series, hosted in partnership with Petroglyphs Tucson.

This fun, informal space allows scholars, artists, performers and community members to share innovative work and creative new ideas. These participatory events are open to the public and always free.

Spring 2024 SHOW & TELL EVENTS



Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry - Fronteridades Show & Tell "Local Perspectives on Migration: A Conversation"

Febuary 20, 2024

Show and Tell - 1080 x 1080 px


  • Isabel Garcia, Director, Coalición de Derechos Humanos
  • Dora Rodríguez, Immigrant Rights Advocate, Salvavision
  • Robin Reineke, Assistant Research Social Scientist, UArizona Southwest Center
  • David Taylor, Professor, UArizona School of Art

Moderator: Maritza Cárdenas, Confluencenter Acting Director

Confluencenter acting director Maritza Cárdenas will lead a panel of experts to discuss their standpoints on migration at the US-Mexico border. The experts include human rights advocates Isabel García from Coalición de Derechos Humanos and Dora Rodríguez from Salvavision, as well as academics Robin Reineke and David Taylor from the University of Arizona. Through stories, research, and creative practices, the conversation aims to advocate and elevate historically overlooked voices to form a more inclusive, accurate, and just portrayal of the communities on the U.S.-Mexico border. There will be a Q&A section, and attendees will have the opportunity to mingle and keep the conversation going with the panelists at the end of the session. Fronteridades is a project led by the Confluencenter and sponsored by the Mellon Foundation.

Confluencenter will be collecting monetary donations on behalf of Derechos Humanos and Salvavison. Join us in making a positive impact: Every contribution helps!

Join us Tuesday, February 20th!

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