Peter W. Likins Award for Inclusive Excellence

Director Javier Duran receives the Peter W. Likins Award

Director Javier Duran receives the Peter W. Likins Award for Inclusive Excellence from President Hart on April 18, 2014. Photo by John Nofs

Confluencenter not only advances creative, collaborative research, we also strive to advance diversity and inclusion through the faculty we support and our public programming. The center's director, Dr. Javier Duran, has been recognized for these efforts by winning the Peter W. Likins Award for Inclusive Excellence in 2014. This award recognizes students, staff and faculty-led programs that enhance the UA through their inclusive programming and/or leadership. Award nominees are selected who make a significant contribution toward creating a diverse and inclusive community through one or more of the following:

  • Recruitment and retention of an excellent and diverse faculty, staff or student body
  • Fostering equality of opportunity within our campus community
  • Encouraging diverse perspectives on our campus
  • Creating a welcoming and supportive campus climate through efforts such as visibility, communication, and education
  • Other areas critical to establishing inclusive excellence at the University of Arizona


43rd Annual University and College Designer's Association Design Competition, 2013

Ground Water Book

This competition recognizes exceptional designs used to promote educational institutions. Ground|Water: The Art, Design and Science of a Dry River, the gorgeous result of one of Confluencenter's first Faculty Collaboration Grants - led by Ellen McMahon, Ander Monson and Beth Weinstein - brought together a diverse community of artists, designers and scientists interested in understanding and raising public awareness about local water and its relationship to global climate. This engaging collection of photographs, graphic design, architectural drawings, artist books, essays and poems by University of Arizona faculty and students is an ode to the dry rivers of Tucson, Arizona.

For its efforts, the book earned three UCDA awards: the Gold Award in the Book category, the Judge's Choice Award and Best of Show in 2013. Its use of raw materials and marriage of disparate elements like graphs, poetry, photography, and architecture, make Ground|Water an innovative, Tucson-based contribution to global dialogues on climate change and environmental preservation. Learn more about the book's distinguishing elements here.