PandemiDiarios is a microgrant program to support students, academic professionals, and community-based artists and practitioners in producing creative works reflecting on the human experience of the current COVID-19 pandemic. 

The term pandemidiarios comes from blending “pandemic” and “diarios” (diaries). Diarios are where the stories of ourselves are written. They are where we express our frustrations, hopes, and visions for the future. For some it is a therapeutic process, and for others a way to capture the moment or keep a record of day to day life. 

The first round of PandemiDiarios microgrant projects, produced over the summer of 2020, reflected and interpreted the human experience of the COVID-19 pandemic from underrepresented perspectives. Descriptions of previous PandemiDiarios projects can be found below, and the digital archive of work can be viewed at the PandemiDiarios digital archive.

In June 2020, sixteen creators and creative teams received microgrants through this program. Learn more about these innovative artists and projects below, and follow #pandemidiarios on social media @confluencenter for project updates.

In the second round, in alignment with our Fronteridades initiative supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, we continue to encourage the creative expression of the day to day human moments, experiences, reflections, and creative responses during the COVID-19 pandemic, with emphasis on the experiential intersection of the pandemic with life on the U.S.-Mexico border.

In partnership with University of Arizona Libraries’ Special Collections, we have the unique opportunity to archive digital versions of all creative work supported by this program in the Family and Community Archives. This “digital museum” will be freely available to the public in perpetuity.

PandemiDiarios 2020

PandemiDiarios 2021

PandemiDiarios 2022