Undergraduate Internship Program

Interns 2024




The Undergraduate Internship program connects students with community arts and advocacy organizations. It lays the foundation for a university-wide service learning program with border organizations based on reciprocity.

Undergraduate students work closely with community organizations and UArizona faculty to gain a critical understanding of the U.S.-Mexico border region, its complexities, and its cultural diversity. 

Undergraduate Interns

Victoria Silva

Victoria Silva

BA in Law

James E. Rogers College of Law

Victoria's Profile

 Victoria is pursuing a BA in Law with a major in Spanish and a minor in Public Health at the University of Arizona. She earned an Honors Diploma and Bilingual International Baccalaureate recognition before joining the university. 

Victoria has an ample background in communication, research, and commitment to equity and is dedicated to improving community health, promoting voting rights and fostering diversity and bilingualism. 

Victoria is eager to develop critical skills and insights into community engagement and grassroots organizing, essential for her academic and professional growth. Victoria will be working at Coalición de Derechos Humanos.

Isabela Gamez

Isabela Julinna Gamez

BA in Journalism

SBS College

Isabela's Profile

 Isabela is a first-generation college student. She decided to pursue a BA in Journalism after a “light-bulb moment” during the summer before her senior year of high school when she participated in the Journalism Diversity Workshop at the University of Arizona and have been invested in journalism ever since. 

She is passionate about sharing stories of the voiceless and highlighting the stories of migrants. Her work has been published by the Arizona Mirror, an independent, nonprofit news organization that covers public policy for Arizona residents. 

Isabela hopes to continue learning about the communities in the borderlands. Isabela will be doing her internship at Coalición de Derechos Humanos.

Fernando Valdes

UA Temp Red Profile Picture

BA in History and Latin American Studies

SBS College and Center for Latin American Studies

Fernando's Profile

 Fernando has focused his studies on analyzing immigration and migrants’ rights. He has experience volunteering and working in different organizations and centers, including Casa Alitas migrant shelter. 

Fernando has been heavily involved in the University of Arizona’s Center for Latin American Studies and aims to continue to study, work, and advocate for justice in Latin America. 

Fernando hopes to improve his analytical skills, particularly those that can help him better understand legislation and its impacts on the border region and work towards migrant rights and policy change at a federal level. Fernando will be working at Stop the Hate Collective.

Elisabeth Clark

Elisabeth Clark Headshot

BA in Anthropology

SBS College

Elisabeth's Profile

 Elisabeth is a senior undergraduate majoring in both anthropology and Spanish. She has focused her studies on the borderlands and those who inhabit them. 

She is a student in the W.A. Franke Honors College and is currently working on understanding the historical and structural creation and reproduction of discourses of illegality surrounding undocumented migrants. 

Elisabeth hopes to develop her communication skills and build connections with local organizations to allow her to gain experience with what is happening in the borderlands outside of strictly academic research. Elisabeth will join the UArizona Southwest Center for her internship.

Belen Muro Quijada

Belen Muro Quijada


College of Fine Arts

Belen's Profile

 Belen is pursuing a degree in Photography, video, and imaging from the UArizona School of Art. Belen has hands-on experience in project management, conceptual problem-solving, and software development. 

She has worked on several projects that have helped her develop technical and analytical skills. Belen hopes to gain a deeper understanding of the U.S.-Mexico border region and its complexities, as well as the cultural diversity in the area. 

She plans to develop skills in community engagement, cross-cultural communication, and research methods. She also wants to learn about policy-making processes and gain experience in advocacy work. Belen will join the UArizona Southwest Center.

Alivia Alexander

Alivia May Alexander

BA in Spanish

College of Humanities

Alivia's Profile

 Alivia is passionate about cultural equity, the arts, humanities, and social sciences. She is deeply involved in serving the community and connecting with and empowering people as well as serving and spreading awareness about the Hispanic population. 

Alivia hopes to work with organizations that embrace cultural diversity and help her build professional and personal relationships with those she works with and for. 

Alivia’s main professional goal is to make a difference in communities through relationships and service. Alivia will be working at Salvavsion.

Jakob Buckley

Jakob Buckley

BA in Government and Public Policy

Eller College of Management

Jakob's Profile

 Jakob is an experienced student leader passionate about global affairs with solid cross-cultural collaboration, organization, and research skills. Jakob aims to develop greater knowledge of border community issues and solutions by forming connections with relevant professionals and organizations. 

He plans to work in a government or non-profit organization focused on international relations and economic policy issues. Jakob is eager to apply his academic background and professional interests to work directly with border communities to enhance welfare and justice. 

He also plans to refine his analytical abilities through border related projects, supporting Fronteridades' mission to amplify border communities' voices. Jakob will join The Florence Project for his internship.

Monica Brody-D’urso

Monica Brody

BA in Spanish

College of Humanities

Monica's Profile

 Monica is majoring in Medicine and Spanish. Her personal experiences have inspired her career goal of becoming a primary care doctor or nurse. 

She has volunteered in several organizations and centers including Casa Alitas, the University of Arizona trauma center, and Flying Samaritans at the University of Arizona. 

Monica is passionate about serving the community, particularly migrants affected by social determinants through dismantling political barriers to provide unrestricted care to those in need.

Moises Hernandez

UA Temp Red Profile Picture

BA in Spanish, Translation, and Interpretation

College of Humanities

Moises's Profile

 During his time interning and volunteering at Keep Tucson Together, Moises interviewed many migrants of different backgrounds that were seeking asylum. 

These conversations motivated Moises, who is a first-generation college student, to keep assisting the community in any way possible. He also gained experience with immigration law, establishing connections and meeting people from different communities. 

Moises hopes to grow on a personal and professional level, listening, creating, and telling long-lasting stories. Moises will do his internship at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tucson.

Ana Paula Monobe Pena

Ana Monobe


College of Fine Arts

Ana's Profile

 Ana Paula Monobe is a visual artist fascinated by the reframing power of storytelling. She grew in Mexico, and her continuous travels between two countries has helped her shape her perception of the border. 

As a Spanish native speaker, Ana Paula adopted a multicultural perspective after her first-hand experience with culture shock in 2020. 

All of these have triggered her desire to examine the world through her creative practice, further advancing her personal and academic experiences. 

Roxanna Rios

Roxanna Rios 1

BS Neuroscience, BA Latin American Studies

College of Science, and SBS

Roxanna's Profile

 Roxanna is a pre-med double major in Latin American Studies and Neuroscience. She has taken courses related to psychology, Latin American cultures, and health inequities. Roxanna is in a multicultural sorority, working closely with the Southern Arizona Aids Foundation. 

Roxanna hopes to gain more skills in public speaking, working closely in minority communities, and education, overall communication, and leadership skills. 

Her professional goals include being a physician, but she also wants to work closely with minorities and in public health education. Roxanna is passionate about Latin American and queer youth communities. Roxanna will work at the Blue Lotus Collective.