We regret to announce Fall 2019 Show & Tell events are postponed. Earlier this summer, our venue partner Petroglyphs - Furniture, Lighting, Accents in Tucson's Lost Barrio suffered a devastating fire. We have greatly appreciated their support since 2018, and are taking this pause to regroup and plan for future interdisciplinary, multimedia presentations with the UA and Tucson community. We want to thank all of our presenters, host and guests for their amazing support and loyalty to our Show & Tell series! We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to re-launch soon.


Show & Tell is an interdisciplinary, multimedia presentation series in Lost Barrio Tucson at fun local artist spot Petroglyphs Tucson that has been going on since 2012 (see past presentations here). The upcoming season will feature a wide variety of presenters and performances, and everyone will have just 10-15 minutes to present! The result is a fun, fast-paced public event where scholars, artists, performers and community members get to share their ideas with everyone. Faculty guests will emcee, and local artists will be featured before each presentation!

All Show & Tell presenters must:

  • Incorporate multimedia and/or an interactive element to your presentation

  • Attend a meeting the week prior to your presentation with your faculty emcee and your copresenters

  • Respond promptly to email communication and arrive on time

The dates for the upcoming Show & Tells presenters are listed in the application, all submissions must also include presenter availability to present.

Submit a proposal by clicking here. Please contact confluencenter@email.arizona.edu if you have any more questions.