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Show & Tell is an interdisciplinary multimedia presentation series, hosted in partnership with Petroglyphs Tucson.

This fun, informal space allows scholars, artists, performers and community members to share innovative work and creative new ideas. These participatory events are open to the public and always free.


Oct. 19, 2023

Show & Tell: FronteriVoices


Our next Show & Tell spotlights the newly selected Fronteridades Fellows to give us an insight on their exciting work involving research and humanities on the U.S. Mexico Borderlands. The Fronteridades Fellowship program supports UArizona faculty and graduate students conducting interdisciplinary border research to broaden and deepen our understanding of the narratives, experiences, knowledges, histories, performances, spaces, and heritages that shape and are shaped by the U.S.-Mexico borderlands. Join us for a presentation, Q&A, and light refreshments.

Live stream of the event



Sept. 19, 2023

Show & Tell Tucson Roots: Writing Memory and Community

Show and tell Flyer 09/29/2023

Join us for an evening with three homegrown Tucson authors, each exploring unique literary terrains. While Dr. Lydia Otero delves into their life during the 1980s in L.A. Interchanges: A Brown & Queer Memoir,' Melani "Mele" Martinez will discuss her upcoming book, "El Molino," which explores the history of a family restaurant, El Rapido, that once thrived in Tucson. Logan Phillips will read some poems from the newest addition to his series of visual meditations and writings. Show & Tell is a multimedia community event. This fun, informal space allows scholars, artists, performers and community members to share innovative work and creative new ideas. These participatory events are open to the public and always free.

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