Yadira Caballero

Program Manager
Yadira Caballero is of the Lók’aa’ Dine’é (Reed People Clan) born for the Naakaii (Mexican). Her maternal grandfather’s clan is Naasht'ézhí Tábąąhá (Zuni Edge Water Clan) and her paternal grandfather is Naakaii (Mexican). She is an enrolled citizen of the Navajo Nation. Caballero's maternal family is from Yaaitiin on the Navajo Nation and her paternal family is from Guanajuato, Mexico. Yadira is originally from Bidáá’ Ha’azt’i’ Tsékooh (Grand Canyon). And that is how she identifies as a Diné (Navajo) and Mexican woman. 
Yadira currently serves as the Program Manager for the Confluencenter. She joined the Confluencenter team in fall 2018. Her main role at CCI is to manage and administer office personnel, programs and activities, oversee and develop budget and financial plans. Yadira tries to encompass her cultural traditions and worldview into her daily work setting by using Hózhó (balance and respect with oneself and others around you), K'é (interconnectedness and mutual support to my colleagues), and Sa'ah Naagháí Bik'eh Hózhóó (a four-concept approach to thoughtful process). 
Prior to her role with the Confluencenter, she worked for the Office of Academic Affairs’ Faculty Governance, and the Udall Center’s Native Nations Institute. Yadira currently serves as the Board of Directors for the Southwest Native American Foundation that provides scholarship opportunities for emerging Native American leaders pursuing higher education. Yadira has a M.J. in Jurisprudence in Indian Law from the University of Tulsa and B.S. in Agribusiness Economics & Management from the University of Arizona. Balancing and living in two worlds is complex for survival, growth and understanding, but being able to hold on to traditional values and ways of life is instrumental for Yadira. Yadira has an interest in running and cycling. She has a passion for running, as a way of healing, running for strength, and feeling the connectedness of humanity is a holistic perspective.