Binational Art Grants - Programa Nuevos Creadores

The Binational Art Program (Programa Nuevos Creadores in Spanish) emerged from a partnership between Imfoculta, Nogales, Sonora's culture and arts center, and the Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry at the University of Arizona. The Binational Art Program assists emerging young artists with microgrants to create public artwork. The art ranges from political mural art to music and sculpture.

By working with local organizations and supporting local artists, this collaboration strengthens connections between the University of Arizona and the people in border communities, fostering an environment of intellectual and artistic autonomy in border communities. It also creates new possibilities for dialogue and meaningful opportunities for learning, research, and collaboration. This program demonstrates art and storytelling's vital role and tradition in the Southern Arizona region.

These activities are funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation under the Fronteridades Program, defined as an intersectional space where borders (fronteras) and humanities (humanidades) collide. Fronteridades is a program that seeks to collect, understand, and share narratives, stories, art, and creative interpretations of the border lives and communities. Fronteridades also works to create and enhance learning opportunities for border scholars across many disciplines.

The Confluencenter is grateful for the funding from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the engagement and assistance from the Imfoculta team, and the support of FESAC in making this program possible.

The Catalogo Nuevos Creadores presents the artwork created by young artists made possible through this granting program during 2019-2021.