Fronteridades Fellowships

Mellon-Fronteridades fellows are community members, students, and academic professionals who engage in arts and humanities-centric interdisciplinary initiatives with Arizona-Sonora border communities. These fellows foster and promote scholarship and creative activities that explore, analyze, and elevate the lived experiences and cultural resources of this region. Fellows create new ways for understanding border dynamics, and ultimately promote positive impact, in Arizona-Sonora border communities.

Graduate Fellowships Program

The Graduate Fellowships Program supports current UArizona graduate students to carry out interdisciplinary research projects and scholarly creative activities focused on the U.S.-Mexico border.  

The 2021 Mellon-Fronteridades Graduate Fellows represent diverse disciplines, including Geography, Journalism, Art, Music, Education, Anthropology, Spanish & Portuguese, Mexican American Studies, and Latin American Studies. Consequently, this research spans diverse methodologies, from ethnographic interview research to critical archive research, collaborative dance testimonies, and binational co-created music composition.

Creative Scholars Program

The Creative Scholars Program supports community-based artists and creative practitioners to expand interdisciplinary scholarship, service, and engagement with Arizona-Sonora border communities through the lens of the humanities, arts, and humanistic social sciences. This program offers a unique opportunity to amplify border resident voices in the public understanding of border life.

Three community-based artist/practitioner teams were awarded as Creative Scholars in 2019, with projects being completed in fall 2020. Meet the Creative Scholars teams.

Faculty Fellowships Program

Carmen King & Robin Reineke.png

The 2021 Mellon-Fronteridades Faculty Fellows are: (left to right) Robin Reineke and Carmen King de Ramírez.

The Faculty Fellowship Program provides support for University of Arizona faculty who are conducting interdisciplinary border research to broaden and deepen our understanding of the narratives, experiences, knowledges, histories, performances, spaces and heritages that shape and are shaped by the U.S.-Mexico borderlands. This program aims to align with the goals of the Fronteridades program as well as the Border Lab initiative and focus on an Arizona-Sonora borderlands communities. 

Learn more about our 2021 Mellon-Fronteridades Faculty Fellows.