Dhruv Bhatia

Web Site Manager, Student Worker

Dhruv Bhatia is a sophomore pursuing Computer Science at University of Arizona who joined Confluencenter in 2021 as a Website Manager. He is from Bhopal, India and moved to the United States for his bachelor's degree. He is also the External Affairs, Marketing and Events Director at the Google Developer Student Club at UArizona and an academic assistant with Disability Resource Center.

Dhruv has been passionate about designing and building websites since High School and worked as a freelancer to create, design, and develop websites for companies and clubs in his locality. He is interested in UI/UX and how the interface of any system has effects on users. He plans to research in developing ways to build User Interface that have a positive effect on users by employing graphics, audio, and sensory elements. Dhruv loves writing poetry and stories in his free time and is the author of the ongoing web novel Will The Stars Remember My Name?