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Jan. 26, 2021

Virtual Show & Tell: “Ambos Nogales as a Cultural Center”

Tuesday, February 2nd, 5:30-7PM

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Ambos Nogales exists in many dimensions: Ancestral lands of the O’odham, land of the walnut trees, home of artistic legends, a community connected across a militarized state boundary. In history and the present, these intersections contribute to the art and culture woven throughout this unique community.

Mel "Melo" Dominguez of Tucson's Galeria Mitotera will moderate this participatory virtual event.

Three panelists will present on their work to uplift and revive the creative identity of Ambos Nogales:

Priscilla “Nefftys” Rodriguez started the Nogalería project to bring life to the Ambos Nogales downtown area through a series of murals on both sides of the border. These murals and a companion book of poetry celebrate the deep cultural roots and aim to teach the younger generation about the city’s history. Learn more at Nogalería’s Facebook and Instagram.

Borderlands Theater began working on Barrio Stories Nogales, following the success of their Barrio Stories production in Tucson. Barrio Stories explores the history and heritage of Nogales, Arizona through oral history and theater. Veronica Conran, Marc Pinate, and Milta Ortiz of the Borderlands Ensemble will present. Learn more at Borderland Theater’s Facebook and Instagram.

Caro Iñiguez of the Colectivo COLMENA, spent the last year working closely with women in Ambos Nogales, through a community-based “promotora” model of emotional and community health intervention. Through participatory trainings, women addressed the distinct individual and collective experiences that are influenced by living on the border. As the pandemic arrived towards the end of the program, promotoras and participants pivoted towards socially distant ways to support each others’ health and wellbeing through art and community. Learn more at Colectivo COLMENA’s Facebook or Instagram.

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