Director's Discretionary Fund

During the current academic year, the Confluencenter will suspend the competition for Director's Discretionary Fund awards.

The Confluencenter is engaged in a strategic planning process for phase 2 of operations that will commence in the fall of 2018. We will have more information by July 1, 2018.


The Director’s Fund contributes essential support (up to $1,500) for short-term projects that are interdisciplinary and collaborative. The Director’s Fund for Excellence gives awards to projects that do the following:

  • Deliver campus-wide results, such as symposia, conferences and workshops that are attended and organized by colleagues (including students) from multiple departments and/or colleges;
  • Focus on interdisciplinarity by either utilizing interdisciplinary methodologies or, in the case of a conference, providing a platform for scholars to share their interdisciplinary research.

By providing financial backing to conferences, symposia, public engagement events, visiting researchers and speakers, Confluencenter proudly embraces its mission to serve as a campus-wide research institute dedicated to creative inquiry across all disciplines. For application details, click on the "Call for Proposals" link below. The proposal submission deadlines are September 16, 2016 for fall semester projects/events, and January 20, 2017 for spring semester projects/events.