01.23.19: New Program Bolsters UA’s Standing as Borderlands Leader

With funding from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the UA’s Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry will launch a new program focused on exploring the narratives of those who live at and journey across the U.S.-Mexico border.


02.04.19: CHCI Member Organization Launches New Program Focused on U.S.-Mexico Borderlands​

We are excited to share that the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation is funding a new program-"Fronteridades: Nurturing Collaborative Intersections in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands"-through the Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry at the University of Arizona. Javier Duran, professor of Latin American and Border Studies and Confluencenter director, will supervise the program's activities.

02.26.19: Mellon Foundation Grant to Support Efforts to Bolster UA as Borderlands Leader

The newly established "Fronteridades: Nurturing Collaborative Intersections in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands" program is aimed at collecting and sharing the stories and art of people at the U.S.-Mexico border while creating new learning opportunities.


03.11.19: Interdisciplinary Oral History Project Seeks “Tales from Tumamoc”

University of Arizona Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry and Desert Laboratory on Tumamoc Hill are proud to announce the launching of oral history project Cuéntame Más: Tales from Tumamoc.

03.20.19: Share Your "Tales From Tumamoc" at the Cuéntame Más Camper

Have you hiked Tumamoc Hill recently and noticed a little camper parked by the gate at the middle? "Cuéntame Más" the trailer says. As part of an interdisciplinary oral history project run by scholars from the University of Arizona, a mobile recording studio has been set up to collect stories of hikers walking by. 

03.26.19: Why do you walk Tumamoc Hill? UA scholars want to hear your story

Tumamoc Hill is one of Tucson's most well-known areas to visit and hike. A UA official tells KGUN9 about a thousand people visit the historic landmark every day, with even more on the weekend. With so many visitors, some scholars want to know what keeps people coming back and unique events that have happened during their visit. "Tales from Tumamoc" is an oral history project that's underway to capture these stories.

03.30.19: 'Tales from Tumamoc' project recording comments from Tucson hill walkers

Thousands of people have walked up Tumamoc Hill west of Tucson over the years — and many have rich memories and stories to tell about the experience. Now, an oral history project called “Tales from Tumamoc” is using a mobile recording studio on the hill to gather audio perspectives from longtime walkers and first-time visitors.