Sonia Colina

Professor of Spanish & Portuguese

Director of National Center for Interpretation

Sonia Colina received her Ph.D. in Spanish Linguistics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1995. Prior to joining the University of Arizona in 2006, she taught at Arizona State University and Indiana University.  Her areas of expertise are Spanish phonology and Translation Studies, in particular translation pedagogy, translation quality and translation in health care. She is the Vice president of the American Translation and Interpreting Studies Association (ATISA). Sonia also has industry experience as an in-house translator for Xerox Corporation and as an owner and manager of translation companies.  In the past she served as an investigator and consultant for the Robert Wood Johnson foundation (Hablamos Juntos program) and is currently working with faculty from Speech and Hearing and Public Health on the NIH funded project Oyendo Bien (Hearing Well). She is the author of Translation Teaching: From Research To the Classroom (McGraw-Hill, 2003),Syllable Structure in Spanish (Georgetown University, 2009), and Fundamentals of Translation (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming).