Christian Ruvalcaba

Research Coordinator

Christian Ruvalcaba joined the Confluencenter as a Research Coordinator in July 2018. He has a PhD in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching at the University of Arizona. He received a BA in Linguistics and an MA from the English Applied Linguistics (formerly known as English Language/Linguistics) program at the UA. He has taught writing/composition, English linguistics, and Spanish for Heritage learners at the UA and at Pima Community College. He grew up in Cananea, Sonora, and Sierra Vista Arizona. His research focuses on both formal and applied linguistics. On the formal side, he investigates the morphosyntax and semantics of constructions in English and Spanish that express spatial, possessive, or experiencer relations. He has done psycholinguistic and syntactic research on the interlanguage of multilinguals on both sides of the border. On the more applied side, he has carried out participatory sociolinguistic research alongside students with close ties to minority language communities. This collaborative effort has led to the creation of multiple projects and online archives such as the following: 1) the Language Capital Project, an online map of formal or informal resource centers and meeting spaces for speakers of minority languages in Tucson, 2) the Tucson as Campus website, a site that archives essays and resources for using Tucson as a primary and secondary text in introductory college writing courses, and 3) the Hola UA Twitter account, a collection of student created videos explaining the resources available at the UA for newly arrived Spanish speaking students.