06.15.17: UA Confluencenter Expands Innovation Farm Program:  UA News



05.03.17: UA Works to Protect Endangered Languages The Arizona Wildcat

05.01.17: Confluencenter Grad Fellow Project Highlighted in UA News



04.28.17: Confluencenter Grad Fellow Project Captures Tucson's Linguistic Diversity UA News

04.22.17: Confluencenter Grad Fellow & The Migrant Quilt Project Arizona Daily Wildcat

04.21.17: Endangered Language Loss Calls for Preservation, Revitalization UA News

04.21.17: Confluencenter Grantee Hosts Event with Refugees, Advocates Giving Context to US Immigration Arizona Daily Wildcat

04.18.17: Conversation to help inform community on refugee resettlement in Tucson Arizona Daily Wildcat

04.08.17: UA Professor to Update Old Native Films by 'Tribesourcing' Arizona Daily Wildcat

04.07.17: Previous Confluencenter Project is 'Correcting the Record' AZ Central



03.29.17: Confluencenter's Program Coordinator Lesa Langan-DuBerry Recognized with Maria Teresa Velez Outstanding Mentor Award 

03.29.17: Previous Confluencenter Project Garners $291,000 NEH Grant UA News



02.05.17: Sherry Turkle Examines how Texting has Changed the Way We Talk Arizona Daily Wildcat

02.02.17Free talk on Reclaiming Conversation in a Digital Age Blog for Arizona

02.01.17: Happening in February: Sherry Turkle UA @ Work



11.17.16: Interdisciplinarity Beyond Duke Duke University Interdisciplinary Studies

11.16.16: Confluencenter Aims to Create Interdisciplinary Partnerships Arizona Daily Wildcat

11.14.16: “Hystorical Narratives” Art Talk at Playground Bar & Lounge Blog for Arizona

11.04.16The Sacred Theatre of Barrio Stories HowlRound



10.17.16“Focusing the Universe,” coverage of Confluencenter-funded documentary UA News

10.14.16: Documenting the "Celluloid Pueblo" (October's Show & Tell) Arizona Public Media

10.13.16: 22 Things to Do in Tucson in the Next 10 Days (scroll down to Community, Show & Tell) Tucson Weekly

10.10.16: Coverage of Confluencenter-funded documentary “Focusing the Universe” Arizona Public Media

10.03.16: Review of “Celluloid Pueblo” (October’s Show & Tell) Zocalo Magazine



09.24.16: Mexican Drug Ballads? UA Presentation Discusses 'Narcocorridos' Tucson News Now

09.13.16: Downtown’s “Show & Tell @ Playground” Series Starts on Sept. 21 Downtown Tucsonan

09.13.16: Show & Tell, highlighted in UA Now

09.12.16: UA Units to Explore, Honor Contributions of Hispanic Community UA News



06.03.16: Collaborating with Community in Barrio Stories HowlRound

06.02.16: Confluencenter Awards $45,000 to New Fellows UA News



05.12.16: Border Journey Tucson Weekly

05.12.16: Time Machine Arizona Alumni Magazine

05.11.16: Confluencenter Funds Interdisciplinary Research With Local, Global Impact UA@Work

05.01.16: "Amuletos Through the Frontera” Exhibit Zócalo Magazine


04.25.16: Task Force Hears Update on Campus Diversity Strategy UA @ Work

04.06.16: Diversity Task Force Begins Work on Campus Climate UA @ Work

04.05.16: Q&A with the Diversity Task Force Leaders UA @ Work



03.17.16: Getting Down with Barrio Stories: Introduction HowlRound

03.08.16: Awards and Accolades (Javier Duran) UA @ Work

03.03.16: Play Revives Memory of Demolished Tucson Barrio Arizona Public Media

03.02.16: Remembering a Neighborhood Long Gone in ‘Barrio Stories’ American Theatre

03.02.16: 'Barrio Stories' reclaims Barrio Viejo Arizona Daily Star

03.02.16: In 'Barrio Stories,' Downtown History Comes to Life Tucson Sentinel

03.01.16: ‘Barrio Stories’ Comes to Tucson Arizona Sonora News



02.29.16: Borderlands Theater Barrio Stories Project The Morning Blend, KGUN 9

02.28.16: Borderlands Theater Presents Barrio Stories KXCI

02.25.16: Theatre Libre Tucson Weekly

02.24.16: Barrio Stories Project on Chicano Connection KXCI

02.14.16: Neto's Tucson: 'Barrio Stories' Reclaims Our Urban History Arizona Daily Star

02.13.16: Barrio Stories Project Brings Tucson History Back Arizona Daily Wildcat

02.09.16: Reviving a Nearly Lost Barrio Story UA News

02.08.16: Preview of 'Barrio Stories' Showcases Oral Histories of Downtown Tucson Sentinel

02.08.16: Preview Event: The Barrio Stories Project Tucson Weekly

02.07.16: The Barrio Stories Show The Fred & Jeff Show

02.05.16: Barrio Stories Project at The Playground Blog for Arizona

02.03.16: Show & Tell @ Playground: Barrio Stories Project Arizona Bilingual News

02.01.16: Global Human Rights, Direct Zocalo Magazine



01.30.16: Time Machine Arizona Alumni Magazine

01.29.16: Confluencenter Grantee Lydia Otero on Arizona Spotlight Arizona Public Media

01.28.16: Black History Month at UA to Honor Spoken Word and Action UA News

01.28.16: Playground Games, highlighted in UA Now

01.26.16: Academic Game Show Funds Collaborative Project UA News

01.19.16: University Of Arizona Helps Create One-Stop Shop For Human Rights Issues KJZZ

01.13.16: Confluencenter Grant-Funded Projects Have National, International Impact UA @ Work

01.13.16: UA Professor Creates Human Rights Networking Website Arizona Public Media

01.12.16: Javier Durán & Bill Simmons Interviewed About Global Human Rights Direct KXCI

01.12.16: UA Professor's Website Seeks Human-Rights Links Arizona Daily Star

01.12.16: Show & Tell: Global Human Rights Direct, Highlighted Event UA Now

01.12.16: Network Poised to Remodel Human Rights Activism UA News

01.12.16: Global Human Rights Direct preview at Playground Bar & Lounge Blog for Arizona

01.07.16: Human Rights Direct Tucson Weekly



12.27.15: Lalo Alcaraz on Bordertown KXCI

12.02.15: Playground Games, Featured Event Randi’s Picks

12.02.15: Happening in December UA@Work



11.26.15: Perfect Pitch Tucson Weekly

11.22.15: The Confluence Show The Fred & Jeff Show

11.12.15: UA Prof Discusses Sharing Economies & New App for Sharing Arizona Daily Wildcat

11.11.15: Previous Confluencenter Grad Fellow Wins American Studies Association Dissertation Prize

11.10.15: Why Sharing this Holiday Season Could Save the World KVOA

11.10.15: UA Professor Aims to Shift Consumer Landscape UA News

11.09.15: Show & Tell "Don't Buy, Share!" Blog for Arizona

11.09.15: Previous Confluencenter Grad Fellow Wins First Book Prize

11.09.15: Show & Tell: “Don’t Buy, Share!” The Buckmaster Show, KVOI

11.02.15: Show & Tell: “Don’t Buy, Share” The Weekly Green, KXCI

11.02.15: November’s Show & Tell Presenter, Anita Bhappu, on KVOA

11.01.15: Ear Worms on Arizona Illustrated Arizona Public Media



10.15.15: The Arizona Ear Worm Project and Show & Tell, highlighted in UA Now

10.14.15: An Infestation of ‘Ear Worms’ UANews

10.08.15: The UA Funds Research into Why "That Song" is Stuck in Your Head The Arizona Daily Wildcat

10.07.15: Why You Can't Get That Song Out of Your Head Lo Que Pasa

10.07.15: Repetition Key in UA ‘Ear Worm’ Music Study Arizona Daily Star

10.06.15: Show & Tell: The Arizona Ear Worm Project with Dan Kruse and Jamie Manser KXCI

10.05.15: UA Events Celebrate Arts and Humanities Month UA News

10.02.15: A Confluence of Creative Inquiry The Desert Leaf

10.02.15: Previous Confluencenter Grad Fellow Wins Fulbright The Arizona Daily Wildcat



09.29.15: Science of Why That Song Is Stuck in Your Head Tucson Weekly

09.29.15: Songs Stuck on Repeat Zocalo Magazine

09.28.15: Show & Tell: The Arizona Ear Worm Project with Dan Kruse and Jamie Manser Buckmaster Show KVOI

09.24.15: Lalo Alcaraz in Tucson Tucson Weekly



08.30.15: Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry Fall Kickoff Arizona Daily Star

08.28.15: #UABack2School Bucket List UA News

08.27.15: Occupying Our Space AZPM

08.27.15: Occupying Our Space Tucson Weekly

08.25.15: Breaking the Silence Zocalo Magazine

08.18.15: Virtually Visiting the Harlem Renaissance Hyperallergic



06.22.15: Virtual Harlem Future of Storytelling

06.17.15: The Man Who Rebuilt 1920s Harlem in Virtual Reality The Atlantic

06.12.15: The University of Arizona is Studying Earworms The Times Picayunery 



05.26.15: Graduate Fellows Receive Thousands in Funds UA News

05.19.15: From Virtual Harlem to Border Cowboys, Grants Propel Interdisciplinary Research UA@Work

05.12.15: Mindfulness Practices Help with Focus UA News

05.09.15: Parents Inspire Medical Career before Feminist Movement Arizona Daily Star

05.07.15: Got A Song Stuck In Your Head? Arizona Researchers Want To Know Why KJZZ

05.03.15: University of Arizona Studies Songs in Your Head Arizona Daily Star

05.03.15: My Name is Tom, and I’m an Ear Worm Addict Arizona Daily Star



04.20.15: Bryan Carter Enables Students to Inhabit History The Chronicle of Higher Education

04.16.15: Showing and Telling Arizona Daily Wildcat

04.15.15: Got Ear Worms? Arizona Daily Star

04.09.15: Show & Tell: April 15 Zocalo Magazine

04.09.15: The Art and Science of the Environment UA News

04.07.15: Motivational Speaker George Mumford in Tucson Blog for Arizona

04.02.15: Mindfulness Tucson Weekly 

04.01.15: George Mumford in Tucson Zocalo Magazine



03.31.15: Happening in April (Happiness and Buddhism) UA @ Work

03.31.15: Studying Buddha Arizona Daily Wildcat

03.19.15: Not Your Grandmother’s Workforce Tucson Weekly

03.17.15: New UA Program to Explore Buddhism UA News

03.11.15: Shushing the Librarian Stereotypes Arizona Daily Wildcat

03.09.15: Show & Tell + Creative Collaborations interview with Nicole Pagowsky, Cynthia Elliott and Dr. Paula Fan KXCI

03.04.15: Women in the Workplace: We’ve Come a Long Way Zócalo Magazine

03.02.15: Happening in March (Women in the Workforce) UA @ Work

03.02.15: Shushing the Librarian Stereotype Zócalo Magazine



02.24.15: Film Rolls for New Documentary Center Arizona Daily Wildcat 

02.16.15: UA Launches Documentary Film Center and Public Series UA News

02.15.15: Lots to Learn at UA, All Tuition-Free Arizona Daily Star

02.12.15: Event Asks: What's Love Got to Do with It? Arizona Daily Wildcat

02.12.15: UA Humanities Prof Embraces Hi-Tech Arizona Daily Star

02.10.15: Creative Collaborations + Show & Tell interview with Dr. Paula Fan & Dr. Bryan Carter KXCI

02.09.15: On Valentine’s Day, Learn ‘What’s Love Got to Do With It?’ UA@Work

02.08.15: A Week’s Worth of Intellectual Stimulation Arizona Daily Star

02.02.15: On Love: Songs, Science & Psychology Zócalo Magazine



01.28.15: Got a Second? Slow Down and Put Mind Over Madness UA News

01.26.15: ‘Speed Networking’ Leads to UA Interdisciplinary Projects UA News

01.14.15: Show & Tell – Interview with Dr. Ben Muller & CCI Director Dr. Javier Duran KXCI

01.14.15: Cyber-Terror Shows ‘Archaic’ Idea of Physical Borders Arizona Public Media

01.12.15: The Documented Border with Luis Alberto Urrea KXCI 

01.09.15: iBorders: Drones & Designs - City Week Pick Tucson Weekly

01.05.15: iBorders: Drones & Designs Zócalo Magazine

01.04.15: UA Visiting Scholar Urges Skepticism about Government Surveillance Arizona Daily Star



12.09.14: Playground Games - Heather Gray & Eric Magrane Interview KXCI

12.05.14: People in the News: Joaquin Ruiz Arizona Jewish Post

12.02.14: Happening in December (Playground Games) UA @ Work

12.01.14: Southern Arizona’s Natural Wonders Zócalo Magazine



11.07.14: Show & Tell - Focusing the Universe Peter Beudert Interview KXCI

11.05.14: Show & Tell for Grown Ups Zócalo Magazine

11.02.14: The Confluencenter and Being 'Confluential' UA News

11.01.14: An Afternoon with Jimmy Santiago Baca Zócalo Magazine



10.30.14: What’s Left Behind Tucson Weekly

10.30.14: Full Circle - City Week #1 Pick Tucson Weekly

10.30.14: Go ‘Full Circle’ Edible Baja Arizona

10.29.14: Examining Death (see side bar) Arizona Daily Star

10.29.14: Picking Up the Pieces - Deborah McCullough & Jamie Manser Interview KXCI

10.23.14: For Artist, Found Objects Humanize Migrant Journey Tucson Sentinel 

10.22.14: Art Professor Creates New World of Awareness UA News

10.16.14: Tucson, You Need More Ana Tijoux Tucson Weekly

10.16.14: Professors Celebrate Shakespeare's 450th Birthday Arizona Daily Wildcat

10.14.14: Exhibit Showcases Radical Cuban Posters Arizona Daily Wildcat

10.08.14: Tonight: Luis Alberto Urrea and The Documented Border Exhibit Tucson Weekly

10.07.14: New Exhibit Preserves Untold Stories from US-Mexico Border Arizona Public Media

10.07.14: Border Journalism Focus of UA Exhibit Arizona Daily Star

10.07.14: New Digital Archive Details Challenges for Mexican Journalists, Migrants UA News


09.26.14: Build Community by Meeting and Learning from Your UA Colleagues UA @ Work



08.11.14: Confluencenter Fosters New Ideas, Networks (opens PDF) Friends of the UA Newsletter

08.01.14: Campus Research Centers, Collaboration and Community Partnership Notes from President Ann Weaver Hart



07.25.14: Border Journalism Network Frontera List



06.17.14: Confluencenter’s Innovation Farm Supports Scholarly, Artistic Collaborations UA@Work

06.03.14: Earworms, Baseball and Poetry: Faculty Collaboration Grants Fund Interdisciplinary Research UA@Work



05.01.14: Got A Tune Stuck in Your Head? Learn Why! Arizona Senior Academy at Academy Village, Tucson

05.01.14: Review of "GroundIWater: The Art, Design, and Science of a Dry River" Edible Baja Arizona



04.23.14: Tonight Junot Diaz Talks to Tucson Tucson Weekly

04.16.14: Five Questions: Junot Díaz Tucson Weekly

04.15.14: Employees Honored with Inclusive Excellence Awards UA@Work

04.08.14: Video Game Archives on Display Downtown Arizona Daily Wildcat



03.13.14: Events Present Cross-Cultural Dialogues of Border Life, Art Arizona Public Media

03.06.14: Voices Across Borders Arizona Bilingual Newspaper

03.06.14: Holocaust Remembered through the Arts Arizona Daily Wildcat

03.01.14: Tucson Festival of Books Tucson Lifestyle (pg 30)



02.24.14: A Heart Wrenching Night of Classical Music Tucson Weekly

02.05.14: Confluencenter Presents “Voices Across Borders,” A New Latina/o Author Auditorium at the Tucson Festival of Books Arizona Bilingual Newspaper

02.05.14: Sixth Annual Tucson Festival of Books: a Blockbuster Sequel Arizona Bilingual Newspaper



01.30.14: Seed-Funded UA Project Leads to Prestigious Fellowships UA News

01.28.14: Javier Duran on La Caliente, 92.1FM, for Tucson Festival of Books

01.26.14: Tucson Festival of Books Overview Arizona Daily Star

01.14.14: On the Line: Border Images from two Perspectives Arizona Public Media

01.14.14: The Importance of Playing Rough Arizona Daily Wildcat



12.02.13: Happening in December (Creative Collaborations) UA @ Work



10.30.13: A New Model and Movement for Social Engagement UA News

10.29.13: New Confluencenter Program to Fund Entrepreneurial Project UA@Work

10.21.13: International Project on Religion, Secularism and Politics Launching at the UA UA News

10.14.13: Water: Where Science and Art Meet Arizona Public Media

10.08.13: Photos From the Fence Arizona Daily Wildcat

10.02.13: War in the 21st Century UANews



08.01.13: World of Desolation Tucson Weekly



07.04.13: Dry World – Ground|Water Review Tucson Weekly

07.01.13: Arizona State Museum Shares the Migrant Journey Arizona Alumni Magazine



06.20.13: What is Homeownership, and What Is It For? UA News

06.12.13: Tango for Sex and Social Justice Tucson Weekly



05.30.13: New Confluencenter Grants Support Student Projects UA News

05.22:13: Confluencenter Grants Fund Innovative, Interdisciplinary Research UA News

05.19.13: Nace Noción Sobre “Tucsonoridad” (opens a PDF) El Imparcial

05.17.13: Rethinking the Virtues of Owning Your Home (Confluencenter-funded event) AZ Daily Star

05.10.13: Toward a Better Understanding of the Immigrant Experience UA News



04.25.13: University of Arizona Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry – Open House The Brainpan (blog)

04.11.13: Confluencenter continues Collaborations series with musical performances Arizona Daily Wildcat

04.03.13: Confluencenter Brings Classical African Music to UA Campus UA News



03.29.13: Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry-Presents Geert Lovink PhD Social Media: From Monopolis to Alternative & Virtual Harlem: Experience the Arts in Second Life The Brainpan (blog)

03.21.13: ‘Music of Africa’ is focus of Piano Concert at Church Arizona Daily Star

03.19.13: Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry-Presents Ghanaian-American Pianist William Chapman Nyaho & The Trinity Missionary Baptist Church Gospel Choir The Brainpan (blog)

03.14.13: A World Separated by Borders Arizona Public Media

03.14.13: Borders & Baskets Zocalo Magazine

03.08.13: New Photographic Exhibit Reveals 'A World Separated By Borders' UA News



02.27.13: 1st Hip-Hop Symposium Jumpstarts Academic Dialogue Arizona Public Media

02.21.13: University of Arizona offers Hip-Hop minor DePaul University

02.15.13: Confluencenter Program Focuses on Cabaret Songs Arizona Daily Star

02.15.13: Scholarship, Scotch Mix at UA Nightclub Sessions Arizona Daily Star

02.14.13: UA Professors at Playground Bar & Lounge Arizona Daily Star

02.08.13: Christine in the Cutting Room: A Queer Multimedia Event at Playground Tucson Weekly

02.05.13: Symposium to diminish Hip-Hop stereotypes, honor UA's new program The Daily Wildcat

02.01.13: UA's new hip-hop minor draws curiosity, criticism Arizona Daily Star



01.31.13: Deportable but not Deported Tucson Weekly

01.31.13: Hip-Hop, a Global Social Movement UA News

01.27.13: Aux-Etats-Unis, un Français fait entrer le hip-hop à l’université Les Inrockupitbles

01.24.13: Move Over, Astronomy Tucson Weekly

01.18.13: Conan, It’s More Like “Intro to Benjamins” UA News

01.18.13: Latin Role In Hip Hop Gets Academic Treatment Fox News Latino

01.18.13: University of Arizona to Offer a Minor Degree Concentration in Hip-Hop The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education 

01.18.13: University in the U.S. offers Hip-Hop minor San Diego Red

01.17.13: Minor in Hop Hop at University of Arizona News Fix

01.16.13: University Offers a Minor in Hip-Hop GeoBeats News

01.15.13: University Of Arizona First To Offer Hip-Hop As A Minor Amp 98.7 FM

01.14.13: University of Arizona First to Offer Hip-hop as a Minor Rap Dose

01.13.13: University of Arizona is first to offer minor in hip-hop Los Angeles Times

01.08.13: University of Arizona offers minor in hip-hop The Chicago Tribune

01.08.13: Born to be Hip-Hop UA News

01.08.13: Stephen Colbert Riffs on Hip-Hop Minor Twitter

01.07.13: U. Of Arizona Offers Minor Focusing On Hip-Hop Huffington Post

01.07.13: The University of Arizona introduces 1st ever hip-hop minor The Grio

01.04.13: University of Arizona Introduces First Ever Hip-Hop Minor All Hip-Hop

01.04.13: University of Arizona introduces first hip-hop minor KTAR



12.14.12: Lowriders Roll Into Downtown Tucson for UA Speaker Series UA News

12.13.12: Lowrider Book Explores Historical Context of Cultural Icon Arizona Public Media

12.06.12: Cruising With Style Tucson Weekly



11.16.12: Creative Inquiries Arizona Public Media

11.14.12: UA Día de Muertos Event Altars Honor Ancestors and Chicano/Chicana Figures Arizona Public Media

11.13.12: The Art and Science of a Dry River Proximities

11.12.12: Think Tank Takes on Tough Questions Arizona Public Media

11.09.12: Exploring Water Issues Through the Arts, Humanities UA News

11.05.12: Arts Notes: Confluencenter Looks at War, Relationships Arizona Daily Star

11.01.12: Author Luis Alberto Urrea to Speak at UA Today Arizona Daily Star



10.31.12: Students Design Day of the Dead Altars for Celebration Tucson Weekly

10.26.12: Richard Danielpour: Portrait of an every-changing composer Tucson Sentinel

          10.25.12: Star-Crossed Lovers, NY on TSO Concert Bill Arizona Daily Star

10.19.12: State Violence, Border Topologies and the Execution of Law Arizona Public Media

10.04.12: UA's Arts, Humanities Earn Global Billing UA News



09.11.12: Hip hop cultures focus of new minor program The Daily Wildcat

09.05.12: Report: Greatest Food Access Disparity in the World Found at U.S.-Mexico Border

09.04.12: New Report Reveals Food, Water Disparities Along U.S.-Mexico Border UA News



08.16.12: T Q&A with Javier Duran Tucson Weekly



7.30.12: UA Researcher is Helping Preserve Languages Threatened with Global Extinction



05.25.12: Grants Fund New UA Offerings, Research UA News



04.03.12: Effort Under Way to Expand Multilingualism Studies UA News



02.05.12: UA This Week: Lecture on Education by Noam Chomsky Arizona Daily Star

02.02.12: A Critic’s View on Education Tucson Weekly



          01.19.12: In Honor of Arizona's 100th Year UA News

01.17.12: Gayatri Spivak to Speak at UA UA News

01.09.12: Noam Chomsky to Speak at UA UA News



11.08.11: Two-Day Symposium Explores 'Virtual Borders' UA News



06.08.11: Confluence Center Awards Interdisciplinary Grants UA News



02.16.11: Durán Named Director of Confluence UA News



01.12.11: Lean Six Sigma Consulting Available to Campus Departments UA News

2010 & 2009


09.22.10: New Center to Focus on Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences UA News

09.15.10: Major UA Center Launched for Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences UA News



06.11.10: A Test in Producing a Visual Capture of Speech UA News

06.09.10: Faculty Members Awarded Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Grants UA News



08.26.09: New Programs Provide $600K to Support Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences UA News