Center for Documentary

Beverly Seckinger, Professor of Theater, Film and Television

Organized by School of Theater, Film and Television Professor Beverly Seckinger, this group is conducting pilot activities in preparation for creating a Center for Documentary at the University of Arizona. The proposed Center will foster the development, production and exhibition of documentary films and interdisciplinary scholarship through workshops, screenings and classes.

Over the last several years, graduate students have had the opportunity to attend workshops with award-winning filmmakers, covering topics such as “Documentary Editing: Strategies for Making the Most of Your Material,” “Documenting the Undocumented: Producing and Distributing Short Films about Immigration” and “Building Solidarity: Documentary as a Strategy for Human Rights Activism.”

The group has also collaborated with the Loft Cinema to screen social justice documentaries, including: Tickling Giants, Land of Opportunity, Cesar’s Last Fast, Dreamcatcher and The Bad Kids.

Center for Documentary is part of Confluencenter’s Innovation Farm program.


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