Global Human Rights Direct

Bill Simmons, Associate Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies

Funded by an Innovation Farm grant in fall 2014 and launched January 2016, Global Human Rights Direct (GHRD) serves as an online hub for and searchable database of human rights stakeholders. Led by Gender and Women’s Studies Associate Professor Bill Simmons, this 12-member interdisciplinary working group established a virtual forum that ties technology to teaching. is revolutionizing human rights pedagogy by connecting local activists and survivors to students, instructors, community groups, and like-minded individuals worldwide.

GHRD brings together the human rights community at UA with local, regional, national and international partners and is establishing the University as a hub for cutting-edge work on human rights. The website is being used in classrooms across campus, and the group has successfully petitioned to launch an online Master's Degree and Grad Certificate in Human Rights Practice beginning January 2018. Professor Simmons has presented the website overseas in Turkey, China, and Inner Mongolia, as well as locally at the Confluencenter’s Show & Tell @ Playground event.


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