Food Security and Equality across Borders

Gary Paul Nabhan, Southwest Center Kellogg Endowed Chair

In the desert borderlands of the U.S. and Mexico, water scarcity is one of many driving factors threatening food security, particularly for people in Arizona and Sonora. The food production and distribution systems in these two states are already vulnerable. But climate change may further destabilize them, making food insecurity and inequity even more common. This Southwest Center project examined the vulnerabilities in our shared food and water resources and produced a 62-page report, Hungry for Change: Borderlands Food and Water in the Balance (opens a PDF). The interdisciplinary team included: Maribel Alvarez (Southwest Center Associate Social Scientist Researcher), Jeffrey Banister (Geography and Development), Ernesto Camou Healy (author/coordinator of the book Cocina Sonorense), Kraig Kraft (agro-ecologist), Gary Paul Nabhan (Kellogg Endowed Chair for Food and Water Security for the Borderlands at the Southwest Center), Margaret Wilder (Latin American Studies) and UA graduate student Laurel Bellante.


Media coverage:

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