Rough and Tumble: Taking Play Seriously

Yuri Makino, Professor of Theatre, Film and Television

Yuri Makino (CFA) collaborated with UA primatologists Dr. Dieter Steklis and Netzin Steklis to produce "Rough & Tumble: Taking Play Seriously," a 25-minute documentary that explores the beneficial role of human play through the play of wild gorillas, dogs and dolphins. The film draws a connection between the study of play in non-human animals and the crucial role play functions in human development. Human play is usually thought of as a childhood pastime, but play imparts critical skills or experiences that are life-enhancing. While play may seem trivial in our lives, it may define who we are and how we came to be.

The documentary is in post-production, but public events surrounding it include a screening a the Bisbee Film Festival in fall 2015 and a Show & Tell @ Playground presentation in 2014.