Mission and Vision

Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry’s mission, simply stated, is to enrich the collaborative atmosphere for innovative research and interdisciplinary endeavors at the University of Arizona and beyond.

The Confluencenter promotes research and public engagement in numerous ways. At Creative Collaborations, Show & Tell and I-19 Project events, the Confluencenter provides multimedia programming to audiences at the University of Arizona, in downtown Tucson, and along the I-19 corridor connecting Tucson and Nogales. Our Distinguished Intellectual/Performer lecture series features distinguished public intellectuals who, in the past, have included Noam Chomsky and Gayatri Spivak. The Confluencenter also provides publishing venues for scholars engaged in collaborative and interdisciplinary in its Beyond Boundaries series, and in the Arizona Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies. Finally, the Confluencenter directly supports interdisciplinary and collaborative research at the University of Arizona through Director’s Fund for Excellence Awards, Faculty Collaboration Grants, Graduate Student Fellowships, and its Innovation Farm working group program. Together, the Confluencenter’s grants, fellowships and public programming represent an ongoing commitment to the artistic and scholarly endeavors of faculty and students representing the Colleges of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social and Behavioral Sciences.