Innovation Farm

In partnership with the Office of Research and Discovery, the Confluencenter is delighted to announce
the Innovation Farm program. Through this program, the Confluencenter will provide critical seed money
and support to interdisciplinary working groups initiated by faculty representing the Colleges of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social and Behavioral Sciences – groups launching innovative projects that depend on extensive collaboration for their success.

Innovation Farm grants support teams that make lasting contributions to scholarly and artistic life at the UA, for example, by establishing networks of scholars; developing new research models; creating permanent art installations and outreach programs; forging lasting community partnerships; staging artistic performances that engage a broad public; and conducting technology trials and marketing campaigns in the spirit of academic entrepreneurialism.

The primary goal of the Innovation Farm program is to leverage the Confluencenter’s resources to help innovative teams achieve long-term viability, specifically by enabling pilot activities that form the basis of external grant proposals and donor outreach initiatives. For this reason, groups should propose pilot activities – experiments that provide proof of concept or produce new research models – that will make their work attractive to external funding agencies, individual donors and potential venture investors.


There will not be a funding competition for the 2015-2016 Academic year.