Funding Priorities

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At Confluencenter, we draw creative scholars together so conversations flow, disciplinary boundaries blur and the next big idea is born. Your involvement allows us to advance cutting-edge research in underfunded fields and drive scholars to reach their fullest potential. Support from private donors makes us more competitive for government and foundation grants that will magnify our impact.

Contributions of any size will make a difference in the lives of our students and faculty. Together, we can create a thriving community of collaborators working to make Tucson and the world a better place. Join us!

Our Funding Priorities

Graduate Fellowships Program 

We nurture emerging scholars by providing opportunities for graduate students to grow professionally, learn to communicate with diverse audiences and navigate an increasingly complex world. Our fellowships make a unique impact by supporting interdisciplinary research in the traditionally underfunded fields of the arts, humanities and social sciences. Past Fellows are making waves in academia and beyond. An historian is on a Fulbright in Mexico, a gender and women’s studies scholar won a national dissertation prize, and a poet secured thousands of dollars in external funding to support his project. Our Grad Fellow Edward Polanco is making a difference with his language learning app called “Nahuatl Naman.” It contributes to language preservation by teaching users how to speak Nahuatl, an indigenous language of Mexico. You can learn more about the app here

Public Scholarship

We work with university and local partners to bring world renowned speakers to Tucson to discuss pressing contemporary issues with broad resonance in our community. Support for our public scholarship programming helps Confluencenter to promote lifelong learning, enriching dialogue and public engagement. Top scholars in their fields bring fresh perspectives, allowing UA faculty, students and community members to expand the boundaries of their knowledge. Past luminaries include sports psychologist and mindfulness advocate George Mumford, distinguished public intellectual Noam Chomsky and globalization and postcolonial studies scholar Gayatri Spivak. We are working on bringing several exciting speakers to Tucson in the coming year. Stay tuned!