Global Human Rights Direct

Global Human Rights Direct Logo (GHRD), launched in January 2016, offers an online searchable database of human rights stakeholders willing to participate in videoconferences with interested individuals and groups from around the globe. As it grows, it will be used by university instructors, high school teachers, community groups and government officials to tap into on-the-ground experience and expertise for their classrooms and meetings and learn about human rights firsthand from those who know best. GHRD will revolutionize how human rights is taught, how it is conceived, and what counts as expert knowledge in rights discourses. It will empower local activists and survivors as they engage in meaningful dialogue with students, instructors, community groups, and like-minded individuals worldwide. GHRD believes that enhancing human rights discourses can lead to mobilizing larger and more effective coalitions who will pressure governments and corporations to better protect the rights of the world’s most vulnerable populations.
This ambitious and highly interdisciplinary project brings together the human rights community at UA with community partners and is working to establish the University as a hub for cutting-edge work on human rights.  It will provide numerous engaged learning opportunities for students from a range of disciplines. 
Imagine …
1.      A high school teacher introducing the Rwandan genocide choosing between 25 witnesses of the genocide to appear in her class via videoconference.
2.      An NGO holding a workshop on women’s rights in West Africa choosing among 100 women’s rights experts to join via videoconference.
3.      A church group raising funds for a school in Nepal having Nepalese experts speaking with the congregation via videoconference.
4.      Organizers of a community event on Middle East peace choosing among 100 Palestinians and 100 Israelis willing to join via videoconference. 
5.      Hybrid academic conferences consisting of video conferences and in-person presentations.
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